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Alan CoxAlexander Graham BellAndy HertzfeldBrian Walker
Colin ChapmanDavid SarnoffDean KamenDouglas Engelbart
Edwin ArmstrongEdwin H. LandErno RubikGeorge Eastman
Hugo GernsbackJames NaismithJeff HawkinsJohn Harrison
John RomeroLeon ThereminMelvil DeweyMilton Bradley
Nikola TeslaOliver EvansOrville WrightPatrick Baker
Peter CooperPierre BeaumarchaisR. Buckminster FullerRay Dolby
Ray KurzweilRobert MetcalfeRobert MoogRowland Hill
Rudolf DieselThomas A. EdisonTim Berners-leeTim Bray
Vinton CerfWalter ChryslerWilbur Wright