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Ann BancroftChristopher ColumbusDaniel BooneDavid Livingstone
David Livingstone SmithDavy CrockettEdmund HillaryErnest Shackleton
Fridtjof NansenHenry Morton StanleyHernando CortezJames Cook
James CookeJeff RichardsJeff RichardsonJohn Lawson
John Mason BrownJohn Wesley PowellJoshua SlocumKit Carson
Marco PoloMatthew HensonRanulph FiennesRoald Amundsen
Sir Richard Francis BurtonSir Walter RaleighThomas MitchellVilhjalmur Stefansson
Walter Raleigh, Sr.Will AdamsWilliam AdamsWilliam Adams (explorer)
William Henry HudsonWilliam Kidd