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Abe LemonsAl LopezAl McGuireAlex Ferguson
Andy PickArsene WengerBarry SwitzerBear Bryant
Bill LaimbeerBill ParcellsBobby BowdenBobby Knight
Brandon NelsonBum PhillipsChuck DalyChuck Noll
Cotton FitzsimmonsDan DevineDarrell RoyalDave Jones
Dave RoseDave RosenbergDon BaylorDon Shula
Duffy DaughertyEarl WeaverFrank LeahyFrank Mcguire
Friedrich Ludwig JahnGeorge HalasGraham TaylorHayden Fry
Herb BrooksHoward WilkinsonJim FreyJim Valvano
Jimmy JohnsonJoe GibbsJoe PaternoJohn Heisman
John WoodenJose MourinhoKevin KeeganKnute Rockne
Larry BirdLou DuvaLou HoltzMarv Levy
Mike DitkaMike TicePat RileyPaul Brown
Paul BrownePaul BryantPhil JacksonRed Auerbach
Ron FrancisScott BrooksScotty BowmanSir Alex Ferguson
Sparky AndersonSteve MariucciSteve SpurrierStuart Pearce
Terry PorterTom LandryTom MoodyTommy Lasorda
Tony DungyVince Lombardi