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A. J. MusteA. Philip RandolphAbbie HoffmanAbdul Waheed
Alan WoodsAlexandre Auguste Ledru-rollinAlice PaulAlija Izetbegovic
Andrew GoodmanAndy SternAngela DavisAngelina Grimke
Aung San Suu KyiBetty FriedanCarl SchurzChe Guevara
Dolores HuertaDorothy DayElizabeth Cady StantonEmiliano Zapata
Emma GoldmanEthan AllenFlorence NightingaleGeorges Jacques Danton
Germaine GreerGloria SteinemHassan NasrallahHo Chi Minh
Jiang QingJim HightowerJohann MostJose Marti
Leon TrotskyLydia M. ChildMalcolm XMarquis De Lafayette
Mikhail BakuninNathan HaleNorman ThomasPancho Villa
Patrick HenryPatrick Henry PearsePeter KropotkinRobin Morgan
Sam BrownSimón BolívarWendell Phillips