Yeng Guiao
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"Joseller "Yeng" Guiao" is a Filipino people/Filipino professional basketball head coach, politician, commentator and sports commissioner. He is currently coaching the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters in the Philippine Basketball Association, and was also the head coach of the Philippine national basketball team/Philippine National Basketball Team. Guiao won four PBA titles since starting his head coaching job for Swift in the early 1990s. He is a former Philippine Basketball League commissioner from 1997-2000. He was also the Vice Governor of the Province of Pampanga from 2004 to 2013, serving 3 different Governors, Mark Lapid, Ed Panlillo and Lilia Pineda. He is now representing 1st District of Pampanga.

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Our loss to San Miguel was a wake-up call for us. If we want to be contenders, we have to beat teams at their best. And the guys really wanted to be contenders.

I had a good feeling we could win this even before the game started.

We were a championship team before the slide, but the management was committed to rebuilding the team.

It's what you call 'Red Bull mentality' and it was molded through time.

Chandler has been a problem for the past five games and he's not going away in Game 6.

He [Villanueva] took it as a personal challenge.

Both teams had a lot of turnovers, so there were more opportunities to score and thus a high-scoring game.

Chandler plays with a lot of emotion. If that emotion rubs off on the team, they play well.

There are no ready-made superstars in this team.