If you think for a moment, if you're tricked for a moment, if you just turn the corner and say, 'I thought I was in Venice,' then we've done our job.

If we get too involved in the process too early, we may start the partnership with arguments. That's not a good way to start any relationship.

It took 75 years for Las Vegas to emerge as an international destination. Our intention is to replicate that feat in less than three years.

It's interesting what 5 or 6 billion dollars will do to change a city, particularly when it's along a strip of maybe only a couple of miles.

We want to have the right combination of debt and equity to be able to get the most efficient financing.

We have all kinds of flexibility because of our market cap. We can sell a few million shares to pay for the whole thing.

Anything that deters tourists from coming to a place would affect it, but not knowing the circumstances it is hard to react now.