Involve a willful state of mind. The arson investigators' conclusion was this was a deliberately set arson fire.

If states were closing achievement gaps on their own, the federal government would not have needed to intervene.

He recognizes that there are a lot of revenues being collected by, in particular, about four of these governors around the country, and these revenues are being collected but aren't being sent back to the central government.

We have no doubt a lot of this meat is going through catering establishments and it is only fair it should be identified.

He seemed to have orchestrated a lot of the activities going on, or at least was a main player.

The troops on the ground are disciplined enough, the local commanders, the lieutenants, the sergeants are good enough to know to try to handle that one individual firing a weapon.

Mrs. Moseley didn't intend to call the loan.

Reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the appellant.

While the defense cannot prove responsibility, it can show the court there is some relevant information which points away from...the alleged guilt of the two accused.