We could tell they were male. They were big prints and we could see everywhere that they ran. I would like to have a few hours with whoever did it to teach them about respecting other people's property. I hope their conscience is against them for the rest of their life. I hope when they grow up and have a family they think why did I do that.

The police officer said he couldn't believe anyone would do something like that.

These items were huge, 7 to 8 feet tall. They tore the head right off of some of the reindeer, and tore the lights so hard off the trees they pulled them right out of the socket.

I helped out with things on the ground. But my son was climbing on the roof and doing all of the hard work. It wasn't the money it was the why. I couldn't believe something like this would happen in Royersford, it seemed so calm here. I was furious that night.