When I was a redshirt, I used to go to meetings and just kind of look at stuff because what they were teaching wasn't really important to me.

Art's a thing of love.

Everybody really liked her. She stopped and talked to people and had get-togethers. ... just a knowledgeable history buff (and) loved horses.

I think we should all do it, not only the ministers, but anyone that cares to share should share.

We plan to seek out those that want to be served and counseled and prayed with and do whatever we can do to assist.

As a freshman I thought I wasn't important. So now I tell all the other redshirts that they need to pay attention to everything. It might not matter now, but it will.

She had to wait on customers in between painting, ... She painted every night till like 2 o'clock in the morning, almost everyday. (She was) just tireless at painting.

It sounds like we are at the tip of the iceberg. Maybe that is low.

We are hoping to revisit the issuance of bonds like we did this past May, hopefully with more success, ... Also, there is hope that the athletic community will participate with raising funds to help pay for some of the development.