"William Harper" may refer to:

* William Harper (composer) (born 1949), composer and photographer

* William Harper (South Carolina) (1790–1847), US Senator from South Carolina

* William Allen Harper, JFK assassination witness

* William Claude Harper (born 1944), American jewelry artist

* William Edmund Harper (1878–1940), Canadian astronomer

* William John Harper (born 1916), Rhodesian politician

* William Rainey Harper (1856–1906), first president of the University of Chicago

* Bill Harper (1897–1989), Scottish football (soccer) goalkeeper

* Bill Harper (baseball) (1889–1951), Major League Baseball pitcher

* Billy Harper (born 1943), jazz saxophonist

* Billy Harper (footballer) (1897–1982), English footballer

* Willie Harper (born 1950), former American football linebacker

* Will Harper, minor Eastenders character

* William Harper, Jr., pioneer aviator with the Wright brothers

* Bill Harper, character in Ambassador Bill

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And in the solitary state of oneness, man can meet himself.

When I saw black and white not afraid to touch each other, to hug each other, I saw God.

Our working figure is 30 to 35,000 attempting to enter at this point. And we're hearing that there are thousands of people on the other side waiting. We can't go over there and look, but we hear that there's a lot of people on the other side of the border, trying to get into Macedonia.

The biggest thing we've done, ... is to avoid feeling comfortable.

We were able to stop him and attempted to ID him. The information he gave us was false.

Some of these people have been out there for a day or two, standing in the rain, and the weather and stuff.