One thing you notice is that you want to walk in the door in the morning. So it's a nice job.

We have been battling since the very first day of the project to build this job with the documents that were put in front of us. It was just impossible.

I absolutely hate waste.

I remember the 1950s. It seemed as if prosperity was the be all and end all. The idea was that if you had enough material goods, everything would be all right.

The bottom line is that the deal has improved for the city's side. I remain confident we have struck a deal that will get the seven votes we need.

Then, in 1978, I tried out for a role in a real play -- 'Short Eyes' at the Seattle Group Theatre. I got a bit part, a prison guard, with one line: 'On the gate!' .

We go on and on about our differences. But, you know, our differences are less important than our similarities. People have a lot in common with one another, whether they see that or not.

What we're talking about is allowing the Port to take a leadership position, and bring the parties to the table, ... We're going to have to come up with some kind of consensus.

I feel we did everything we could.