The issue of competitive balance is of course important in any sport and it is an issue for concern.

Everyone can draw their own conclusions.

If we start analyzing every single action of a game, we may have a situation where litigation becomes the main occupation of UEFA.

Everyone saw that everyone was looking at the penalty spot before taking the kicks.

They were basically using lies as a pre-match tactic. They were trying to qualify for the next round by putting pressure on referees and officials through false statements. They were ready to use disloyal methods and, frankly, this is totally and completely unacceptable.

In the case of one injury, nothing can be done.

It is one clear case in which technology is creeping on us without us being aware. We did not imagine that images would play such a big role in this tournament.

I am afraid that a lot of technicians all over Europe will start digging for pictures that might change the outcome of a game.