"William Duncan" may refer to:

*William fitz Duncan (died 1147), Scottish prince and general

*William Duncan (missionary) (1832–1918), English-born Anglican missionary

*William Addison Duncan (1836–1884), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania

*William Garnett Duncan (1800–1875), U.S. Representative from Kentucky

*William Henry Duncan (1805–1863), English doctor and Britain's first Chief Medical Officer

*William Wallace Duncan (1839–1908), American bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, elected in 1886

*William Duncan (actor) (1879–1961), actor and director of film serials

*William Dow Duncan (1892–1961), New Zealand rugby player

*Art Duncan (William James Arthur Duncan, 1894–1975), World War I flying ace

*William Duncan (footballer) (born 1913), Scottish association football player

*William Duncan (philosopher) (1717–1760), Scottish natural philosopher and classicist

*William Butler Duncan (1853–1912), New York City banker

*William Augustine Duncan (1811–1885), Scottish journalist and colonial official

*William C. Duncan (1820–1877), brewer, politician, and mayor of Detroit, Michigan

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There are certainly states where you will find acceptance.

Florida is sticking out, and it attracts the attention of celebrities.

You don't need oceans. You don't need mountains. ... You don't have to have all of that stuff.

Florida is sticking out, and it attracts the attention of celebrities. I would be surprised if in Florida the legislators don't repeal the law.

You want people to know there's a brick-and-mortar store attached. It gives you a sense of legitimacy.

They're burning money. They can last a lot longer.

We have some distinct economic advantages in this region.

From a politician's perspective, you can see why they would avoid the issue. There's strong feelings on both sides, and it's not clear-cut. And if I'm a legislator in Nebraska, I don't want to appear on TV against Rosie O'Donnell.