This doesn't deter us from doing a project. We have to go back and make sure everything is valued properly.

The last time this corridor was timed was about five years ago and we've had so much growth north of Indianapolis we hope this will be a benefit.

The goal is to give people as few red lights as possible. Usually that would be one or two, as you're getting to the pattern, it should move you through, you might stop once and then it'll move you right out of the pattern.

We've decided to close the bridge as a safety precaution.

The barriers are designed to not just stop the car from crossing the median, but also to capture the car to prevent it from bouncing back onto the interstate as well.

They cost the same to install, but once you collide with them, they're easier to maintain. All you have to do is restring the high-tension cables, replace the posts and you're done. If it can save a life, it's well worth the money.

They cost a little bit more but only need replacing every seven to 10 years.

The bids came in over the engineer's estimate, which is bad news.