Coach was stressing on getting me the ball more. We've been working on setting more screens and running more set plays. We just stressed setting more screens, and it gave me more open looks.

They were denying me real well. It got frustrating, but I had to do other things to stay involved.

Our timing was off on the screens all night. Sean Hughes got some great screens for me at the end.

It felt good to jump on them in the first quarter the way we did. They haven't been scoring a lot on anyone else, so we thought we could shut them down with our defense.

I think that made them wonder if they could win. A five-point play to tie the game is a pretty big blow after you've been leading for the whole game.

I saw how they were kinda sloppy with the pass. So I decided to take a run at it.

I think it was just experience. We were tired of getting beat. That's where we've been getting beat. We've been coming into the third quarter and playing lackadaisical.

He did a nice job on me in the first half. Charles [Smothers] and I are getting a little better on our timing off of screens, and that showed in the second half.

That really turned the game around for us. We are tired of losing to teams that shouldn't beat us.