"Will Oldham", better known by the stage name "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy", is an United States/American singer-songwriter and actor. From 1993 to 1997, he performed and recorded under variations of the "Palace" name, including the Palace Brothers, Palace Songs, and Palace Music. After releasing material under his own name, he adopted the "Bonnie 'Prince' Billy" moniker for the majority of his output since 1998.

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I'd like my records to reach as many people as possible, but I'm also thinking in terms of how I can keep from getting jaded or unhappy with the process.

It's nice to be able to backtrack and not be embarrassed by the music you used to listen to.

I get a lot out of a show when I know that I don't know anyone in the audience and don't think the audience knows much about the music.

The first music I bought when I was nine or 10 was pop music from the '50s and '60s, like The Everly Bros., Elvis, Del Shannon, The Flamingos, The Platters, whatever I could get my hands on. And then some musical things, like Camelot, Singing in the Rain and Hair.

I need to go someplace faraway that doesn't have telephones and doesn't have a record player and doesn't have movie theaters and people walking down the street in order to not do anything.