"William Larry Muschamp" is a college football coach. He is the current defensive coordinator for the Auburn Tigers football team of Auburn University. Prior to that, Muschamp was the head coach of the Florida Gators football team at the University of Florida.

A native of Georgia (U.S. state)/Georgia, Muschamp attended the University of Georgia and played for the Georgia Bulldogs football/Georgia Bulldogs. Muschamp previously served as the defensive coordinator for the LSU Tigers football/LSU Tigers, Auburn Tigers, and the Texas Longhorns football/Texas Longhorns. He also served as the assistant head coach for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL).

Muschamp has gained a reputation both for his defenses and his demeanor during games and practice. In his second season at Auburn, Muschamp was a finalist for the 2007 Broyles Award for the most outstanding assistant coach in college football. Prior to accepting the job at Florida, the University of Texas had announced that Muschamp would eventually succeed Mack Brown as head coach of the Longhorns and designated him the "head coach in waiting."

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We got after it good today. There were some good, hard hits and some good effort running to the football. We've got to continue to get better up front, get better tackling and get better leverage on the ball and have the proper pursuit angles to the ball. We don't understand that yet, but we're getting there.

He's an athletic guy, moves around well and we're not really getting much production other than Will Herring at (strong-side) linebacker. We felt like we needed another productive guy.

We did some different things today. I wanted to see how we fit the run. I'm a little disappointed we didn't fit the runs as well as I thought we would.

I wish we hadn't given up the screen, and we didn't play well in the red area. Other than that, we made some plays on the ball and made some turnovers. We've got to continue to progress.

We need to play the run better, the sacks will come. We'll be able to generate pressure on the quarterback. We need to head-butt the guys in front of us and play the run better.

In the NFL, it's all coaching. You don't have to do the recruiting part of it, which I had always enjoyed. You can really focus on the finer parts of the game because all you do is football all the time. I think I'm a better coach having been there and experiencing that. I look forward to bringing that experience back to Auburn.

We were trying to improve fundamentally. You either take a step forward or a step back every day. You've got 15 opportunities, and we need to get better all 15 times out.

He's a great kid. He does everything you ask him to do. He goes full speed. He has great discipline as a person and a player.

Nick is an outstanding coach and makes decisions based upon the best interest of the organization. Dom is an outstanding coach. I enjoyed my time in Miami and am proud of what we accomplished. We had a good thing, and I expect the Dolphins to continue accomplishing good things looking forward.