"Will James" is the name of:

* Will James (born 1976), Welsh rugby union player

* Will James (artist) (1892–1942), artist and author

* Will James, former bassist for Papa Roach

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It really should be characterized as two taxpaying citizens being thrown off campus. They should not characterize it as a personnel matter, but as us, people outside the system, non-employees, who have a problem with the way a school is operating.

It seems like you're going to have to put even more effort into learning how to use it. There's so many features in there now, I feel like I'll have to take a course to learn how to use it.

In the world of administrative decisions, this is about as defective as you can get. It was our grievance hearing, and they characterized it completely as a personnel matter ... yet they didn't do anything to reprimand that woman.

They absolutely shut me down right off the bat.

And there were absolutely no grounds for me. This PR campaign they have to say 'we want parents involved' is just nothing less than baloney.

We had concerns about our child and what we perceived to be a lack of quality learning experience, so we decided to make a visit to get to the bottom of it.