No one wants to withhold relief funding for survivors of Katrina, ... the red flag to show there's something wrong going on here.

He looks at this as a historic opportunity - handed to Congress by God - to actually reduce the size of government. Anything is open (for cuts).

Right now we wink and we nod and we give many of the same services and privileges to illegal aliens.

It?s a complete coincidence. I was unaware of their conference until you brought it up.

It's a complete coincidence.

The bulls do seem to have the fundamentals on their side.

Through that theory, there is every incentive to go back. The 10,000-foot view is it would be very difficult to be illegal and be here.

You can't write checks now and ask questions later. . . . This isn't Monopoly money but real money that taxpayers paid to the government, and they deserve accountability.

There's a huge chasm between us and big business. They're addicted to cheap labor, which illegal aliens provide. It's in their interests to keep the border porous and to keep the labor flowing.