It's all about getting wins. We're 1-4 -- there's a great sense of urgency. Our back is against the wall. We've got to find a way to get a 'W,' and the only thing that matters to us right now is the Philadelphia Soul.

I think the one thing we've been deficient in is finding that consistent push. (Spellman) does things out there in practice where I ask him, 'Show me how you do that?' When you've got a former (NFL) first-round draft pick in there, you can learn something.

He's still got a lot to learn. There are times when things are great. What happens sometimes when you have a great pass rush, (opposing quarterbacks) get rid of the ball very fast. Sometimes he's doing too many moves and they get rid of the ball and there's no chance. You've just got to get up the field and crush the pocket. So it's a work in progress.

It's definitely important to win early. Especially, Coach James tells us, we need to win at home. If you win at home, it really helps you to take care of your business down the stretch.