"Wayne Bryan" is an American tennis Coach (sport)/coach, author and speaker. He is the former owner and tennis director of the Cabrillo Racquet Club and father of The Bryan brothers, Bob and Mike, the most successful professional doubles team in tennis history. He is a frequent emcee of tennis charity events and clinics, and was voted World Team Tennis (WTT) coach of the year for three consecutive seasons (2011–present).

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We hate this battle. But we felt we had to do something.

This is basically how I've always done my teaching for the past 35 years. That's what I like about this program. I always said, 'No dead time.' You got to keep it high energy and dynamic.

We've told the city that we'd happily like to continue these discussions. One would think that if the city wants to figure out the most efficient management of the building, they'd want input from the people who've been there since its inception.