When you see the kind of numbers we've seen, it has to be a high-volume operation.

Unfortunately, our Web site is not where we want it to be.

It's still not safe to go in the water. Besides the bacteria, there are other contaminants that's in the water -- we have pesticides, heavy metals, stuff like that.

During the height of the spill, the conditions were 20,000 times over our standard and we find that very alarming.

With more data, we might have to post for more beaches.

Until this rain stops and we get a lot of sun, it's going to take awhile.

Tomorrow, hopefully there's a lot of sun like today, and if that's the case we may be able to pull signs off Thursday or Friday, assuming we don't have any more rains.

If no improvements are done the signs just stay up.

The levels here have, we're talking about, a magnitude of six times. It indicated to us there is some fecal contamination making its way to the beaches here.