Warren Elliott
FameRank: 4

"Warren Elliott" (born 1979) is a six-time National Chess Champion of Jamaica. He has represented Jamaica in seven Chess Olympiads (33rd Chess Olympiad/Elista, Russia 1998, 34th Chess Olympiad/Istanbul, Turkey 2000, 35th Chess Olympiad/Bled, Slovenia 2002, 37th Chess Olympiad/Turin, Italy 2006, 38th Chess Olympiad/Dresden, Germany 2008, 39th Chess Olympiad/Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia 2010 and Turkey 2012. He is currently the number one ranked player in Jamaica and one of only three FIDE Masters (an Chess/international chess title) in the country. He obtained the rank of FIDE Master in the 2.3.5 Subzonal chess tournament in Venezuela.

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