With any encryption algorithm, at some point there will be enough number-crunching capacity to work through it.

Security is a frustrating business. And the hardest thing to do is stop an internal black hat. The risk can't ever totally be eliminated -- it can only be minimized.

It's sort of a blessing of the concept of CDP. When the likes of EMC and HP are reselling it, it means that their customers are asking for it.

One of the catalysts that will assist in that is the Mendocino-EMC relationship. Hopefully, the giant gorilla that is EMC can help put some pressure on the application vendors to work with the concept of CDP. Up to this point they really haven't.

But, not everyone, to my chagrin, has gone out and bought a data protection management package. At least having this in the tape library means you have a very valid piece of information that's something a lot of backup guys wonder about, things like 'why does no one track failures across drives? Why didn't somebody tell me this drive fails three times a week'?