We're more inexperienced than them. We will have to be attentive because the Italians start slowly and then finish in a crescendo.

We are more beginners than them in the matter of semi-finals, they are more experienced. We must be careful because the Italians start slowly and then end up scoring against you.

It's understandable that people are talking a lot about the Champions League but we're really excited about winning this league. It's worth a lot to us even though it isn't being given the importance it should.

Barcelona's main rivals are Barcelona.

We are not going to hold back, we want to win the title as quickly as possible.

It's obvious that the field will affect us a bit. But we know what it's going to be like and we have to try and combat their play and achieve a good result. A win, whatever the margin, would be very positive for us.

Every time he touched the ball there were the chants.

This is a decisive moment, especially in the Champions League because if you don't get to the final, everything else you've done throughout the year doesn't count for anything.