Vera Wang
FameRank: 9

"Vera Ellen Wang" is an American fashion designer based in New York City and former figure skater. She is known for her wide range of haute couture bridesmaid gowns and wedding gown collections, as well as for her clientele of elite lady figure skaters, designing dresses for competitions and exhibitions.

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I was struggling to find a way to make evening clothes more deconstructed, ... I like to think that I translated the Latin concept in a more modern way. I don't think that I was that literal.

A desire to make more of yourself.

If you really know the business, you know how much money it really takes to use special Duchess satin or lace - $40 million a collection.

Calvin thought I was crazy, saying that when the bridal thing doesn't work, give me a call.

It has felt like an eternity.

It's truly a beautiful thing.

This time it's much more about the sea, the sky -- vacation dressing, but in a very relaxed way. It's supposed to be very, very romantic and intensely sensual.

This is a very big deal for me emotionally, ... It really is my roots.