"Vanessa Williams" is the name of:

* Vanessa L. Williams, American R&B/pop singer and actress, Miss America, actress on 666 Park Avenue, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives

* Vanessa A. Williams (born 1963), American actress, a star on Melrose Place and the 2000 television series version of Soul Food

* Vanessa R. Williams (born 1960), American gospel singer, began recording in the 2000s

* Vanessa Williams, CEO/Executive Director of National Conference of Black Mayors

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I am not a lesbian and I am not a slut, and somehow I am going to make people believe me.

South Beach. She has a flavor and a hunger for young men.

I enjoy the companionship we have with everyone else, and the meals we don't have to fix. We look forward to coming every Thursday. It's as good as Sundays to us.

Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes around the moon.

Natasha was incredibly smart and articulate and certainly a power broker, a business woman that really impressed me the first time I met with her.

They can hear a lot of hits. They can hear a lot of my hits -- my current album is hits from the 70s, my favorite stuff. So they'll hear Chaka Kahn, the Ohio Players, and they'll also hear the ones they know and love, .

Eugene McCarthy is definitely an inspiration to me as a Democrat and as someone going to the university. It is definitely important to me.

Success is the sweetest revenge.

I ask our Legislature to do whatever is necessary to protect the future of my child. All I want is what every other parent wants - what's best for my child.