Other than taxpayers, we might be one of the few winners in the recent unpleasantness.

Had the judge not dismissed the case, there is a chance that this individual would still be in the … program and a chance that those girls would not have been victimized.

In the Rhode Island case, there were no identified victims, and that type of litigation -and the rapid spread of that type of litigation against businesses all across the country by attorneys general -makes Attorney General McMaster very uncomfortable.

That was a concern addressed on the floor of the House last week. We certainly don't want South Carolina to become a state where methamphetamine is readily available. That's not the kind of message we want to send or the kind of state we want to be.

Constitutional law is under continual reinterpretation by the Supreme court. Attorney General McMaster supports the most stringent penalties allowable for these heinous crimes and will defend any law the General Assembly passes which seeks to stop these monsters.

The attorney general supports the most stringent penalties allowable when it comes to these predators.

If that's what it takes to get them to work these cases to prevent this barbaric activity, then so be it.

The attorney general is preparing for a massive lawsuit fighting tobacco companies for full payment.

Now states are addicted to this money. The state, for better or for worse -- we are wedded now to those payments.