"Travis LaVell Hill" is a retired American professional football player who played two seasons in the National Football League with the Cleveland Browns and Carolina Panthers. Drafted in the 7th round by the Cleveland Browns in 1993, Hill did not see any playing time during the 1993 season, instead making his debut with the Browns in 1994. The following season he played four games with the Browns before being traded to the expansion Carolina Panthers, where he would play the final three games of his career. During his brief career, Hill played in 21 games, recorded two tackles (one solo and one assist) and scored one touchdown, which came after a blocked punt.

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It gave me an opportunity to be able to pay for school, and a jump start on a good career. I'm going to be getting out and going back to school to study electronics hardware and design in the Green Bay area when I get out.

The whole point of the Tiger Cruise program is for males age 14 and over to be able to come on the sub and see what we do, what our job is, and how we run the sub.

I'm never sure what time it is, exactly.

We fired water slugs out of the torpedo tubes. You get to feel what it's like when we actually launch torpedoes.

The hardest part being on the sub is not being with family and friends for a long time. It's not a normal life. It's a sailor's life.

It's a lot of responsibility on me.