I wanna go out with a bang.

This game is going to be pretty emotional for me. It's my last game here. I love FAMU and I love what they gave to me. They gave me a lot of confidence. Now I feel like it's time to give something back.

We kind of woke up against Hampton. We controlled the whole game. If we play like that, it's hard for any team to beat us.

I want to get back to the Big Dance and try and make it happen again for us. I want everybody else on this team to enjoy the same experience that I enjoyed when we went my first year here.

Everything was going through my mind. Everything that I've put into this university and everything that I've taken out of it.

We are hard to stop when we are hitting shots. Once I get in the zone it's hard to get me out of it. When we all get going and moving in the same direction we are hard to beat.

As a first step, the Congolese government must protect street children during the election period. U.N. agencies in Congo should redouble their efforts to prevent abuse. Congolese authorities should use this opportunity to start addressing the abuses committed against children.

We just gotta take care of our business first. Then, hope the other guys lose.

We know we're in for a dogfight.