Tony Kushner
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"Anthony Robert "Tony" Kushner" is an American playwright and screenwriter. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1993 for his play Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. He co-authored with Eric Roth the screenplay for the 2005 film Munich (film)/Munich, and he wrote the screenplay for the 2012 film Lincoln (2012 film)/Lincoln, both critically acclaimed movies. For his work, he received a National Medal of Arts from President Barack Obama in 2013.

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[And as for the] catastrophe ... The only good thing for me, I think, is that I have a new play that was already finished before this Broadway production happened. It goes into production in June. And that's good because I haven't been able to write anything while this was going on.

Both shows are a testament to the creative power of human beings.

The attack on 'Munich' was not coordinated but it amounted to a real campaign to have a lot of people not see the film and it got mixed up with Oscar issues.

He was a giant figure in American theater. Heroic is not a word one uses often without embarrassment to describe a writer or playwright, but the diligence and ferocity of effort behind the creation of his body of work is really an epic story.

He was a giant figure in American theater.

What astonishes me about the response to 'Munich' is this angry rejection of the idea that it makes any difference to know what motivates people to do bad things, that you don't need to know why. It is like saying that real men shoot first and ask questions later like in 'Dirty Harry' movies.