"Tony Gonzalez" is the name of:

*Tony González (baseball) (born 1936), former Major League Baseball outfielder

*Tony Gonzalez (American football) (born 1976), former NFL tight end

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We started throwing the ball down the field.

That's why he's one of the best in the league. That's why we go out there and play hard for ourselves and for him. For him to come out in those circumstances . . . That's why I love playing with him.

If he ever had the chance, he'd catch 70 to 80 balls a year … easy, ... The guy catches everything. You can't cover him.

One of the best games I've ever seen by a tight end.

(Ryan) just took control of the offense. He was poised. He just made plays. Matt is a great quarterback. The more he plays, the better he's going to get. He just needs to get on the field to show his ability.

I am happy for Antonio. He came out and played great today, one of the best games I have ever seen by a tight end.

It's embarrassing. For us to go out there and score three points is inexcusable.

I expect him to play on Sunday.

Leadership doesn't come from age. He's a young leader. He's not just any other backup quarterback coming into the game. We know what he's capable of.