Although execution remains solid, sales trends continue (to be) soft and key product initiatives have not played out during the last 12 months. We do not see material changes to the Barbie product line in calendar year 2006 and would not bet on a turnaround in calendar year 2007 just yet.

Every dealer we talked with had finance promotions going on. That's a little unusual. I don't recall, in recent years, anyway, when the company had zero-percent-down financing on the entire line of motorcycles.

We think that Harley-Davidson could guide production down slowly later in the year, pending seasonal performance.

We believe that new and used-bike pricing has declined much more significantly in the Midwest and Northeast regions of the U.S.. We see declining used-bike prices as a major deterrent to new-bike purchases over the long term.

A better than average chance that the Xbox 2 will be backward compatible.

We think Microsoft will price its next generation system at or above $300 for the base model, ... We also think there will be a model that includes accessories or network devices that could price as high as $350-$400/system.

The management did reduce (shipment) guidance today, although I don't think they reduced it enough to make investors real comfortable with the numbers now that they're providing for 2006 and forward.