My intent is going to be to rescue those neighborhoods.

This country is based on small businesses. You can't know what it's like to run a small business without owning one any more than you can know what it is to love a child without having one.

I have no idea who will win, but I imagine it will be a close election.

It's by far the most fun part of campaigning. I'm really a people person. It's much more fun than forums.

UF is really the answer to East Gainesville because you need a strong anchor.

You have to make it different. You put fiber-optic connectivity in every single residence or every single office over there. There's no place in Gainesville that has that yet.

So you no longer have an absentee landlord - easy solution.

I have zero interest in how people decide how they want to spend their lives or in what they decide they want to champion.

They're trying to make congestion so bad that you'll get out of your car.