I wanted to win so badly this weekend or Panther (Racing) and the guys at Chevrolet, ... I was able to lead some laps and it's always great to see that Pennzoil car out front, but winning is what's important.

She's usually more trouble when she's ahead of me. She should be fine. She took out two of our cars. A little rookie mistake had a big consequence. But I've got no problem racing with her.

I think everything is in the right direction. We've all got the same goal, and that's to win races. I think if we achieve that, and hopefully we can achieve that this year, we can put together a productive team and carry on for years to come.

A win in Chevy's final race would be unbelievable, ... I'm almost in tears that Chevy is going from the series with all the horsepower we've got. I think Chevy is now on par with the Honda on the ovals.

She's usually more trouble when she's in front of me. Starting behind, it should be OK. She made a little mistake at Indy. Unfortunately, it had a big consequence and took our two cars out. But I've got no problem racing with her.

I know if I could haven been up with the leaders, we could have passed them. But I couldn't catch back up to the lead guys.