Tom Willis
FameRank: 5

"Thomas Willis" is an Australian Goalkeeper (association football)/goalkeeper.

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When I first saw him swing, I knew he had this potential. He's definitely got the best swing of any junior golfer I've ever seen. His fundamentals are perfect as far as I can tell.

The wins against Melbourne away and Newcastle away were games we had to win to keep us in contention and we got the result. The same happened last week (in Perth) - we had to win and we got the result. When we know it's our last chance, we tend to play a lot better.

Both the region and state tournaments are at Trinity. They're beating us by 10 strokes, but if our guys play well, maybe we can clip them.

Tanner is a good kid. He does well in school, he's polite and he practices hard every day. He plays in a lot of tournaments on his own and does well in those.