I come up every year and have since 1981. I have a twin brother. We were 16 when (Dean) died. We were young. We could really relate to him.

We are 90 percent sold for 2001, and a substantial portion is sold for 2002.

We're not here predominantly to call attention to the Canadian border. We're here predominantly to call attention to the U.S. border patrol.

People still sneak across here all the time, ... They may not come in the hundreds, or in the thousands, but they still do come, and any one of them could be carrying a suitcase bomb for all we know.

Our gift cards are used as Christmas gifts and are especially popular as gifts from parents to students.

We never gave up hope.

That's all we are — it's just a neighborhood watch on the border.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not a Dean 'freak' ... Blue collar, that's me. It's just that I've grown to love the setting here, so quiet, with a view across the fields.

It's been easing up the last three or four days. The market's been showing some kind of downside... I don't know if it's going to maintain, though.