Tom Wheeler
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"Thomas Edgar Wheeler" is the current Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

He was appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2013. Prior to working at the FCC, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, with positions including President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association/National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association/Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).

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If it is the wireless information highway, we need the asphalt for that highway.

Therefore, we must remind drivers that their primary responsibility is to drive safely and we must educate them on how to recognize when it's appropriate to use a wireless phone, change a CD, or look at a map while driving.

The UN Security Council reform is over. There are a lot of losers, there is Africa.

How the hell are they going to do that?

Sure as hell is.

We're sure frustrated by some of the challenges because we're consumers too.

Any activity a driver engages in, besides the task of driving, has the potential to distract.

One of the issues we are working with the government on, we're begging them, we need more pathways. It's the wireless information highway; we need the asphalt for that highway.