"Thomas "Tom" Webb" is an English Association football/footballer who plays as a forward (association football)/forward for Tilbury F.C./Tilbury. He was a product of the Colchester United F.C./Colchester United Centre of Excellence, going on to make one first-team substitute appearance for the club. He has also represented Folkestone Invicta F.C./Folkestone Invicta, Halstead Town F.C./Halstead Town, East Thurrock United F.C./East Thurrock United and A.F.C. Sudbury/AFC Sudbury.

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We have wanted a sewer; we have needed a sewer.

Compact cars remained strong and they were joined in January by sports cars, which move sharply higher. Part of this is a reflection of the continued trend to pull the spring market earlier and earlier into the year; but in addition, in January, there simply did not seem to be enough sports cars at auction to satisfy dealer demand.

It was a real strange stagger, a three-section stagger. The group I was with had the first cut in. It went out fairly slow, which was kind of a surprise. I took the lead the first two or three laps then I backed off a little bit and let (Helmer and Dekker) pass me.

Throughout 2002 and 2003, for a variety of reasons, used vehicle wholesale values were below what their long-term relationship to what the same vehicles sold for new should be.

We believe that January's rise was a result of continued strong performance in the key factors that drive the retail used vehicle market. And, we also believe that the magnitude of January's gain was kept in check by the fact that early gains had already rectified any imbalance in the relationship between new and used vehicle pricing.

With 200 to go I just took off and hoped for the best. I really didn't know how far they were behind me. I broke away with one lap to go. I was saving my kick. My last 400 was 60 seconds flat and my last lap was 29 seconds.

It was the only segment of the used-car market that was down last year.

My state meet didn't really go as planned. But I got my head together and have been training hard the past three weeks for this. I'm really happy. I think it was a great field. They were from all over.

Full-size SUV prices remain down 7 percent for the year; however, and were the weakest of the 20 J.D. Power (and Associates) market classes.