We take the view it is good to have simplicity and clarity. It is no good having benchmarks that no-one can relate to.

Why is it worth it?

You see it in their faces. He'll be back they say of someone who has vowed to reform.

They do anything from creation of a Web site to marketing materials. We put together an educational piece that is getting ready to air on public television, and they were in charge of putting together the script and the shooting of it. He is very talented and can meet any need of a growing company.

It is worth it even if only the financial balance sheet for society is considered: a few years of investment versus a subsequent lifetime of productive activity. Perhaps a cycle prevented with children's lives changed. Health problems averted. Addiction and crime avoided as ways to cope with hopelessness.

I hope Danny can turn it around and keep it there. He has a lot to look forward to in his new life.