Tom Verducci
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"Tom Verducci" is an American sportswriter who writes for Sports Illustrated and its online magazine He writes primarily about baseball. He is also a field reporter for the MLB postseason on TBS (TV network)/TBS. In addition, he appears on Hot Stove and MLB Tonight on MLB Network as a baseball insider.

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Many Veterans Committee members have spoken publicly or privately against letting Rose in. Some have even threatened to boycott the Hall of Fame ceremonies if he is elected. So his best chances of getting into the Hall are during the next two years.

But they'll look at Soriano in center field, which might be his best position long term.

I have questions about the makeup of this team. I've been saying this for the last couple years. I don't know if they can win as constituted. They're not an especially tough team.

When you watch this guy play, I can't put it other way, he dogs it.

This will be a huge financial relief for the Rangers.

I have found his research and analysis to be useful tools in covering and appreciating baseball and its history.

When the guy with the most talent on your team plays with no heart, I think that affects other people on the team.

No way. I don't think anybody who read the excerpts can in good conscience vote for the guy.