Tom Taylor
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"Tom Taylor" was an English dramatist, critic, biographer, public servant, and editor of Punch magazine. He wrote about 100 plays during his career, including Our American Cousin (1858), famous as the play which was being performed in the presence of American President Abraham Lincoln when he was Abraham Lincoln assassination/assassinated in 1865.

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There's not much that's attention-grabbing. Tom Cruise has grabbed more attention this summer than the war.

Potter's House made a conscious decision to stay, even after the riots and rise in crime.

It's hard to win when you turn the ball over to a team like Weir that many times. In the end, what could have been a football game turned into a track meet.

We are at war, but we are not. Does it seem like a wartime nation? Bush has not asked for sacrifices, hasn't done the recruiting speech, hasn't asked us to do the recycling or to conserve or a lot of the things you read about in past wars.

This used to be the dump.