First of all, we appreciate the bypass. But they dropped the ball on the drainage problem.

We are delighted to be able to include Matt's expertise among the firm's resources. Our software patent procurement, counseling, and litigation practices have grown rapidly, and with the addition of Matt to the LL&A team, we have expanded our ability to fully meet the needs of our clients in these areas.

We're busier now than we've ever been.

There has never been a full-scale evacuation at the plant.

We're trying to break new ground with everything we do.

I'd say it's split. I've got one manager here who loves Kobe, and I like Shaq. You go around town and it's the same.

Wouldn't it be a coincidence if someone we dug up in Arizona, and who died in 1934 and claimed to be Billy the Kid, bled on that bench? That's like winning the lottery.

Any time you have two players like them out it can be tough. We are the Patriots. You know what the New England Patriots do when they have injuries. We need to be able to overcome things and work through injuries.

[While officials at the plant said a meltdown is highly unlikely, Sullivan indicated there are weather elements that would be a much likelier source of an evacuation.] One of the most severe hazards in Montgomery County is flooding, ... That is something that we see a great deal of throughout the county.