She came to me at halftime and said that she could take (the player guarding her). Tara thinks she take any defender. But, we knew that she would have a mismatch. She proved she can play inside as well.

We've got good perimeter shooters. We're one of the best perimeter shooting teams I've coached.

Our two girls on the low blocks heard the announcer say two shots. They just stood there. But our girls on the top were boxing out. We have no excuses. We certainly had our chances.

I thought we had a very good defensive effort. We read the passing lanes well. We trapped well. When we did steal the ball, we pushed it up the floor and scored.

I think it's going to be a good district tourney. If a team gets hot, anything can happen.

We stayed in the zone, but the side Norton was on, we would pay more attention.

We've had different kids who have stepped up and played well on any given night. We've had pretty balanced scoring.

It's no secret we like to shoot. Any time we can hit some shots, it helps us get into the flow of the game.

I thought we got out and ran the floor early and kinda wore them down.