The annuals, the yearbooks, brochures and programs of old plays and musicals...that all tells the story about what they did.

We were surprised and, of course, delighted that the original game was played and enjoyed by so many people. And with all of the new improvements and features along with the Original Trilogy we're implementing into LEGO Star Wars II, we're confident that the new game has what it takes to entertain even more gamers than before.

It was certainly a very special weekend for me.

It was a thrill for me to have that opportunity. I still enjoy coaching basketball. I guess I'm just an old gym rat, that hasn't changed much over the years.

It's important we support the troops, especially the local troops.

I think of the many outstanding athletes that went though that school. To be honored with them is something very special. I never looked at myself as a great athlete, I'm just a common old guy who enjoys competing in sports.

It's a tired old saying that I don't listen to any more, ... For every dollar we bring in from over there, we spend $2, plain and simple.

(The letters) have quite an impact.

There's no reason to adopt this.