I think this is a natural place for this stem cell bank to be located.

It's a recognition that we already have here some of the highest quality stem cell lines in the nation, if not the world. It also speaks to the fact that we have in place an infrastructure for developing those lines in a highly ethical way and in a highly efficient way.

Wisconsin continues to lag in venture capital investments, but its angel capital performance is impressive. Today's angel capital investments are helping to build companies that could attract tomorrow's venture capital investments.

It's the largest and best Badger State effort in anyone's memory.

We think angels are talking more.

I think we're still behind, but at the same time, it's hard to know for sure because the numbers are so hard to pin down.

I think the NIH made this decision probably without regard to that particular vote because they know that there are many other techniques that are being used and in some cases pioneered here.

We can't be slowed excess bureaucracy. Anything that helps get our best ideas in Wisconsin into the global marketplace faster is good for Wisconsin.

I think there will be closer connections to some of the research institutions in this state.