Tom Stewart
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"Arthur Thomas Stewart", more commonly known as "Tom Stewart", was a Democratic Party (United States)/Democratic United States Senate/United States Senator from Tennessee from 1939 to 1949.

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Notwithstanding that choice of theirs, we've offered to lease a portion of Coronet property at a nominal fee that would provide them with a yard.

Unless maybe he's a little bit off, a little crazy.

I don't know if this thing works.

They have not taken it over, but the established -- more hierarchical, perhaps more formal -- organizations have adjusted to a kind of world that has changed and that he saw changing fast.

I don't know if this thing works, ... But it works for me in getting people to see the light. . . . They deny doing it right up to the point of me asking the first question. Then they break down and say, 'You don't need to do the test. I'm guilty.' .

We're looking for more soldiers.

It was also part of securing our property.

There would have been a crisis anyway. We as Americans and we as Ohioans cannot say we will bring our energy from one spot.

After (Hurricane Katrina), we want the local community (to know they) can call on us.