I think if the number was higher than that I would be concerned.

We wonder how you stop the next project. I know when you have the size of banks involved that are doing this, it does set a precedent and who knows where it will lead?

This goes with creating an awareness of skiing in general. Miller's films are about extreme skiing, and they get people excited.

We have a happy problem. We are approaching 1,000 pre-registered riders and we're still more than a month out.

I think certainly it's not good news, at least in the short term. If there is a positive spin on it, both the facilities and the employees in both the Fort Kent and Presque Isle offices have always been applauded for their high work ethic and high productivity.

The whole steroids issue is just a blight on baseball. I think baseball brought it on themselves. They were the last ones to really put into place any kind of comprehensive testing program. As it is, people still think it falls far short of what it should be.

If we do come out to San Francisco, this (steroid) issue is going to come up. At the same time, to not come could be construed as not being gracious. But do we gloss over (the steroid issue), do we ignore it? I don't know what to do.

I think that's just a reflection of what we've been seeing in terms of the options that first-time homebuyers have.

We need to have a master plan — we need to have a backbone to preserve the greenways and protect the watershed.