Rain chances are looking better all of the time.

Hopefully it will be raining for you come Saturday night. We don't have any rain for the moment and we won't until at least Saturday night.

The farther you go down south, the more likely it is you get into the big rain.

It is going to rage into a major, major hurricane before all is said and done. By the time it makes landfall Sunday into Monday, we are going to be talking about a giant Category 4 storm, according to the latest models, with maximum winds of 135 mph. There is a possibility that it can rage even larger.

We're very pleased with Greyhound's decision to add the D4505 to its fleet. The model's modern style offers plenty of curb appeal, especially with Greyhound's new contemporary livery. The D4505 provides the kind of operating efficiency and superior performance that this carrier has come to expect from our D series coaches.

Now we are talking about a very dangerous Category 4 storm. It could become the nastiest thing in the Gulf of Mexico since Camille. This is a bad storm.