[The Siebel integration into Oracle will not be difficult from a human consideration standpoint either, Phillips said.] How will we put the companies together? Many Siebel employees worked at Oracle once before. The cultures are not as different as people on the outside may think. ... Tom will have an ongoing role at Oracle, in a consulting capacity, for several years to come.

It's just clear as day that this is in the best interest of our partners, customers, shareholders and employees.

Whether SQL or Oracle or another database is your platform of choice, it's likely the big moves that impact ROI beyond integration will be made in the BI and analytics world in the next few quarters.

Provides one piece of software, like the Model T, and everybody is supposed to be happy with it.

The ads are provocative. The public agency could not do this, ... We're trying to get a message from people who have done (meth), teenager to teenager.

We're making significant changes in strategy. The value proposition is completely changing. How we partner is completely changing. Markets that we go after are changing.

Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently, and it is business as usual.